Monday, February 06, 2006

Sky Guy on Evolution

Sky Guy in the Knoxville News Sentinel (free subscription required), tackles evolution in advance of Darwin Day here at UT. He uses exactly the illustration I often use when talking with people about evolution:

Consider, for example, gravitation. That gravity exists is a fact. What it is and how it acts is a theory. Albert Einstein expanded Isaac Newton's work, and modern developments in physics are acting to change the theory even further. But no matter how gravitational theory changes, gravity is still a fact.

The piece is a bit scattershot but informative.


  1. i dont understand how someone could have any scienctific education and still be religious.

  2. Your argument falls under the category of "argument from personal incredulity." It is a tactic that is used by creationists to great effect. History is replete with individuals who used science as a means of understanding the observable universe but who were firmly convinced in the existence of God. Recently, Howard van Till and Kenneth Miller have taken this stance. You should read their work. You might also read Augustine for a logical take on Christianity.

  3. actually i didnt post an argument. i simply wrote my opnion. if i had instead said something like "i cant imagine that someone has a scientific education and is chrisitan therefore such a person doesnt exist because i cant imagine it." then you could rightfully say that i wrote an argument from personal incredulity. there is quite a difference.

    on another related topic..since you beilieve in god i have a challenge for you. prove i am not the god that you believe in. im curious what your response is.

  4. You are quite right. I treated your statement as something it was not. As far as your challenge, all i have to do is wait for you to die. If you do not spontaneously rise from the dead, that would be a pretty good indication.