Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"...As the sparks fly upward"

From the Vatican, we find the pope has fired his royal astronomer for his support of evolutionary theory. According to a Daily Mail article:

"Benedict favours intelligent design, which says God directs the process of evolution, over Charles Darwin's original theory which holds that species evolve through the random, unplanned processes of genetic mutation and the survival of the fittest.

But Father Coyne, the director of the Vatican Observatory for 28 years, is an outspoken supporter of Darwin's theory, arguing that it is compatible with Christianity.

He has been replaced by Argentine Jesuit Father Jose Funes, 43, an expert on disk galaxies."

The father has apparently been quite critical of ID, calling it a ""religious movement" lacking any scientific merit."

There are other disturbing aspects to this story:

"One source indicated that Cardinal Schonborn's New York Times article would not have been written without the Pope's permission.

The removal of Father Coyne also comes just weeks before the Vatican hosts a weekend seminar to examine the impact Darwin's theory on the Church's teaching of Creation."

Keep a watch on this one.

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