Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If You Build It, They Will Come.

The Creation Museum is still bringing them in by the ark-full. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

In the six months since the museum opened, more than 265,000 people have toured the facility built by Answers in Genesis, a nonprofit evangelical ministry. Answers had predicted it might draw 250,000 the first year.

The museum will double its parking lot by next summer.

"We're starting to find that word of mouth is spreading across the nation," said Ken Ham, president of the ministry. "We're finding people will drive a whole day or two days to get here.

Now here is the disturbing part:

One of the museum's biggest audiences is home-school families. The parents come to the museum to learn how to teach creation-based science classes.

Nancy Paul, of Indianapolis, came in part to find resources to help her teach a sixth-grade home school co-op science class. She and her husband brought their five daughters, who range in age up to 6.

"They are young enough that I just want them to enjoy science at this age," she said. "They are too young to get into the debate about creation versus evolution."

Home schoolers already get looked askance by the government and teacher's unions. This will not help their cause and may come back to bite them on the backside. This museum is like a lightning rod for Christians wishing to have their cherished beliefs upheld and militant atheists, who look for opportunities to make Christians look simple and foolish. This museum does both.

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