Sunday, December 30, 2007

A different Take

Samizdata argues that the only way to make evolution a non-political issue is to remove the state's role in education. We homeschool our kids so this is not an issue for us. My kids will get a good science education. He writes:

Return all schooling to the private sector and the whole issue goes away from the political sphere. Let the market decide if there is demand for schools that teach creationism, I have no problem with that at all.

I still have a problem with that in that I don't think that science education can be left to whatever you "feel like teaching your kids." Maybe he is right in the sense that the market would sort it out but the results would be devastating to science education. I have friends who went to the creation museum in Kentucky and thought it was "neat and cool." As much as I love my friends, their kids are going to learn that the world is flat.


  1. It seems that the invisible hand of the market gets a lot of credit when it comes to most anything. I am sure that lead in toys from China is subject to the invisible hand as well. While I am a for subjecting my offspring to multiple worldviews I do not think the creation discussion belongs in the science classroom. I belive it requires its own space -- history of science, philosophy of science... you pick. Heck, even its own unit would be fine. I feel that one needs to be careful not to shove any data through a paradym. I am curious what a creation museum would look like. Short of wax figures from the book of Genesis I am not sure what I would find.

  2. You would find this. Having said that, I need to take a trip up there myself with my trusty Canon XT. That would allow me to individually evaluate each claim I came across. Yes, creationism is big buck these days.