Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Battle Rages in Florida

The Miami Herald is reporting that legislators in Florida are massing to fight the teaching of evolution in schools as "fact." They prefer to have it taught as "theory." Each one of these intellectually-challenged people should have to open a book and find out what "theory" means. The story notes:

Top state legislators say they're ready to join the fight over putting the word ''evolution'' in Florida's public-school science standards to ensure that it's taught as just a theory and not as fact.

Rep. Marti Coley, future House Speaker Dean Cannon and state Sen. Stephen Wise, all Republicans, say they're considering filing legislation this spring that would specifically call evolution a ''theory'' if the state Board of Education approves the proposed science standards Feb. 19 as currently written.

Hey, guess what? Evolution is a theory. That is why they call it "evolutionary theory." Just like they call it "gravitational theory" and "quantum theory." Do you suppose we can convince these guys to get up in arms about Dihydrogen Monoxide as well?


  1. Don't you realize that Dihydrogen Monoxide is responsible for nearly half a million deaths annually?

  2. I figured it was responsible for a lot more than that. I mean, GOOD GOD, MAN, ITS IN EVERYTHING!!