Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chris Hitchens and the Salamander Eye

Chris Hitchens has an article that appears in the CanWest Gazette called The eyes have it. Hitchens waxes about the salamanders that live in caves that are sightless but have vestigial eyes. His letter to Richard Dawkins about these salamanders was answered thus:

Vestigial eyes, for example, are clear evidence that these cave salamanders must have had ancestors who were different from them - had eyes, in this case. That is evolution. Why on Earth would God create a salamander with vestiges of eyes? If he wanted to create blind salamanders, why not just create blind salamanders? Why give them dummy eyes that don't work and that look as though they were inherited from sighted ancestors?

As much as I disagree with the theology of Dawkins, he is correct. The thing is that this is only one example of many that strongly suggest an evolutionary path for so many animals—the whale being one of them. Why would such an animal have a rudimentary pelvis and vestigial limbs? Further, why would there be evidence in the fossil record that its precursors once lived on land? How does ID explain this? How can it? Or is this the undesigned part of creation?

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