Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scientists: Both Candidates are Okay

The AP is reporting that both presidential candidates approach science in a vastly different way than George Bush does. They write:

Both presidential candidates — Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama — offer policies farther from the president than they are from each other. They advocate mandatory caps on the main global warming gas and favor federal funding for embryonic stem cell research — positions opposite the Bush Administration.

Obama and McCain promise to seek, not censor, government science advice and to restore the White House science adviser's office.

The differences between them are more notable in the nuances of policy than in the broad brush of campaigns. Both have promised more money for scientific research, though the ongoing financial crisis may make that tough.

Yes, especially if taxes go up. Alot of people seem to be saying the same thing about the Bush White House:

Obama's science advisers, such as former National Institutes of Health director Harold Varmus, mostly paint differences between their candidate and President Bush, not McCain. Varmus criticized what he called "the Bush administration's overall war on science."

It hasn't been good, that's for sure.

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