Thursday, November 13, 2008

Francisco Ayala on ID

Francisco Ayala, one of the most well known and renowned biologists has weighed in on the ID issue, according to a story in the Madison, Wisconsin Capital Times. He has no uncertain opinion:

"How do I know what the intentions of the designer are? There is no way we can test the theory of intelligent design," Ayala said. "It is not a scientific theory. It has not generated peer-reviewed publications. It has not been the subject of any testing or research."


"It would have to be imperfect design or incompetent design or inept design, but not intelligent design," he said, noting for example that human beings have more teeth than can fit in the jaw, so dentists have to remove the wisdom teeth.

"Any engineer who would have designed the human jaw would be fired the next day," he said to laughter.

This has always been a serious problem for ID and requires supporters of ID such as William Dembski to postulate that some parts of the biota are subject to ID and some are not.

Dr. Ayala also notes, in opposition to some writers, that by being able to explain things like tsunamis and earthquakes using scientific principles, we can stop blaming God for them. For those wondering where Dr. Ayala is coming from, here is an excellent article outlining his stance on science and faith issues.

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  1. Francisco Ayala said:
    It would have to be imperfect design or incompetent design or inept design, but not intelligent design

    This is exactly what you would expect to find if there were some constant natural physical need for life, and even for "intelligent" life, like these scientists have posited here.

    But unfortunately for science, few look into it from this perspective because both sides *automatically* see god in evidence that looks that much *like* god, so one side makes the unfounded leap of faith, while the other just pretends like evidence for stuff like this is meaningless.

    Ideological predisposing makes a real picnic for the whole two or three of us that are actually interested in the truth.