Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Discovery Institute Sues California Science Center

The DI has sued the California Science Center charging suppression of public documents that show bias against the Intelligent Design viewpoint in its decision to cancel the showing of the film Darwin's Dilemma, on October 6 of this year. The story, from the PR Newswire, notes:
On November 2, 2009, the Center released 44 pages of documents claiming to have disclosed "all documents" and that "no documents have been withheld," apart from a few e-mail addresses that were redacted.

"California Science Center's claims are not true, and we know for a fact that e-mail communications exist, including communications with the Smithsonian Institution, that should have been disclosed in response to our public documents request but weren't, showing clear violation of California's Public Records Act," said Casey Luskin, Program Officer in Public Policy and Legal Affairs at the Discovery Institute.

"The Center withheld public communications by decision makers who cancelled the contract with AFA," said Luskin. "We believe the reason the California Science Center withheld these public documents is simple: the e-mails show evidence of discrimination against the pro-intelligent design viewpoint."

Discovery Institute's lawsuit follows a separate lawsuit filed against the California Science Center by the AFA for cancelling its contract to show the pro-intelligent design video.
I am more than a little curious to see where this one goes.

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  1. After Climategate, how can you believe anything the Darwinians tell you. They have been caught so many times telling lies and reaching unjustified conclusions.

    If you think science is objective, I have a bridge to sell you from Alaska to Greeland. The ID crowd is excluded and now the skeptics of global warming are being discriminated against and excluded.

    Darwinians have been supressing, munipulating and corrupting information for a very long time for all the reason why Jesus died on the cross for their sins.

    If you don't agree with Darwinian in principle, you won't get grant money so all scientists are forced to fall in line or suffer the consequences. There is nothing objective about the whole process.

    Once you realize that Darwinian evolution has not been demonstrated and that speciation is not evidence of evolution, you will come to understand the religious aspect of Darwinian evolution.

    God Bless

  2. What does climategate have to do with evolution? While it is certainly true that scientists have their own ideas about how things are, your statements about "Darwinians" suppressing information is nothing short of silly.