Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Extending the Reach of Neandertals

The Independent is reporting that Neandertal remains have been found in Poland for the first time:
Scientists at the University of Szczecin in northern Poland have found the remains of the first Neanderthal discovered on Polish soil, local media reported Monday. The remains of tooth fragments were found in what appeared to be a grave, the daily Rzeczpospolita reported, which could mean Neanderthals were more advanced than originally thought.
That is an odd statement since there has been evidence of Neandertal Burials since the unearthing of La Chapelle-aux-Saints in the late 1800s. Since then, a number of Neandertal burials have been found (St. Cesaire, Kebara, Roc du Marcal, Amud and Shanidar to name a few). What is interesting is how far into the east Neandertals traveled. This is considerably north of Teshik Tash, the other notable find in this region.

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