Friday, September 17, 2010

Richard Dawkins' Problem

It is that none of his opponents seem to be coming to his lectures. As Andrew John in Digital Journal writes:
Of his travels in the USA’s Bible Belt, he said that no one who disagrees with his view “ever comes to my lectures – or, if they do, they keep very quiet afterwards.” And the often mild-speaking professor doesn’t always keep his cool when confronted by those who refuse to believe the scientific evidence. But, in his defence, he quoted a favoured sentence once written by the Independent’s feature writer, Johann Hari: “I respect you as a person too much to respect your ridiculous beliefs.”
Gee, can't imagine why nobody is coming.

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  1. Could it also be that nobody's coming because, after several years in the spotlight, Dawkins has nothing new to say?

  2. That is, I think, exactly it. The additional problem is that, while his biological arguments are first-rate, his theological ones are severely lacking.