Friday, January 28, 2011

Richard Hoppe Takes Casey Luskin to the Woodshed

Richard Hoppe, over at Panda's Thumb, fisks Casey Luskin for his comments on the new article on the evolutionary pathway on the antifreeze gene in fish. Luskin's original post is here and Hoppe's is here. Luskin needs to get away from ham-fisted terms like “Darwinian activists” to be taken seriously.

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  1. Actually James, I think you protest a bit too much - you slam Luskin without even bothering to say WHY using the term "Darwinian activist" is so "ham fisted" and is cause to not take him seriously.

    If you have a beef with his approach, at least manage to tell us WHY, OK? Otherwise you're just pissing in the wind.

  2. Kevin, For starters:,1518,580031,00.html

    In these examples the word "Darwinist" or "Darwinism" is used only pejoratively. The term has no meaning for the average evolutionary biologist. It is like calling a physicist an “Einsteinian” or a “Newtonian.”

    And the users of the term know that.

    By linking the term constantly with atheism, insanity and other questionable philosophies (to me, anyway), the writers at the Discovery Institute hope to move evolution out of scientific discourse and into the mainstream psychosocial realm. That is a smokescreen.

    Evolution is a biological process, nothing more, nothing less.