Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christianity Today Joins the Historical Adam Question

In the most recent issue of Christianity today, Richard Ostling takes a stab at the question of the historical Adam, a vexing question in science/faith circles. I used to have a subscription to Christianity Today a number of years ago but after a particularly ham-fisted, inaccurate editorial by Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcy on evolution was printed, I lost my appetite and canceled my subscription. I figured that if that was the way the magazine was going, I wanted no part of it.

Times have changed. I doubt that the Christianity Today that I once subscribed to would have anything to do with the question of the historical Adam. Yet, here it is.

I am working on a CFSI post on this topic so won't comment more. Both the article and the BioLogos response are good and should be read by anyone interested in the debate.

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