Thursday, December 22, 2011

New CFSI Post

My newest post for CFSI is up. It is loosely based on why a word-for-word interpretation of the scriptures is, very often, a bad thing.

The CFSI site will continue to operate, just with limited funding so I will continue to write for them, but perhaps more erratically. Please keep coming by the site to see what is there.

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  1. I like your post, though it is always tricky when a scientist starts tackling theology. You make good use of references though which helps.

    One sentence in bothers me though:

    "This is only one of many such examples in the first six chapters of Genesis for which a “literal” reading does not accord with the modern evangelical understanding of the creation and Adam and Eve accounts.

    It unfortunately equates evangelicalism with American style fundamentalism. Perhaps it would be better to say "with some modern evangelical understandings."

  2. You are probably correct, although my experience is that it is consonant with MOST evangelical understandings. How about that?