Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Gee, This'll Look Good...

Another Republican has clearly aligned himself with YEC sympathies by holding his fundraiser at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Steve Daines is the politician and the truly interesting thing is that he is running his race in Montana, so he had to go pretty far afield to get support.

In other words, he is not just a local pol raising support from the area, he targeted the museum as a resource. This was noticed by Don Pogreba, who runs a blog in Montana. He proceeds to confuse the Creation Museum with the up-and-coming Ark-n-Park, which undercuts his argument, and then he makes a weird statement about tree-ring dating, but he is right to point this out and the fact that a candidate for congress is holding his fundraiser there is truly amazing.

The Republicans can't hitch their wagon to this cause...they just can't.


  1. Not a good sign. Whether out of conviction or just a political move to raise funds it shows the influence of Ken Ham (I would say AIG but that really is Ham).

    However, have you seen this article
    Apparently Ham's most recent dream has landed on rocky ground. one has to wonder when Ham enterprises will finally implode. Ham gets more and more emboldened all the time. You have to wonder when his whole organization will collapse. Does anyone remember the Bakers and their park and other endeavors? I described Hams form of creationism as vaporware recently but if this park doesn't get built or gets started by never is completed this could become a huge piece of creationism vaporware.

  2. Hello Jimpithecus,

    Mr. Pogreba made no such "wierd statement" about tree ring dating. I did. Simply put, using Dendrochronology, we can show that the Earth's age exceeds 6,000 years, which is the age the Creation Museum puts the earth at.

    Basically, I was pointing out that from an acceptance of the premise of annual tree rings, a premise my three year old is capable of grasping, it logically follows that the earth is greater than 6,000 years of age.

    Reading your blog, it is clear that you are aware of the absurdity of a 6,000 year old earth. I would assume you are aware of Dendrochronology as well.