Friday, September 28, 2012

The Fossil Record According to Creationism

Popular Science usually has some outlandish articles and truly goofy science news.  They ran this howler yesterday.  It is the Geological Time Scale According to Creationists as an infographic.

My favorite part is the comment that King Henry VIII was the last king of the Devonian period.  A tad irreverent in places but very funny, nonetheless. 

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  1. Yes, this is wild. But seriously I sometimes think that creationists, although they wouldn't admit it and may not even consciously think it, probably do realize that over any stretch of time, even a few centuries, things change, things evolve, history happens, people get taller, shorter, intermarried, darker, lighter, faster, lazier... I think most people live their lives with a sense of steady change (otherwise they wouldn't miss the "good ole days" in the first place) but cut it short in their thinking when they run into powerful authorities like religion or science.