Friday, April 26, 2013

Internet Monk: "The Disney-ization of Christianity Continues Apace"

In his "Updates on the Creation Wars," Chaplain Mike airs his thoughts on the new Noah's Ark theme center at Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, Texas.  He writes:
Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, famous for Pastor John Hagee and his over-the-top dioramic teaching on prophecy and the End Times, is about to treat us with a 28,400 square foot building portraying Noah’s Ark, complete with “true-to-size animatronics animals…to underscore the Bible’s authenticity.”...I guess if your goal is to sell a product, Disney is the way to go; after all, they’re pros at it.

If your goal is to follow Jesus, I’m not so sure.
Agreed.  Don't miss his definition of "Disney-ization."  This is the direction modern evangelical Christianity is headed. 

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  1. Link to Updates on the Creation Wars. Yikes.

    This is, at least, encouraging: "In more hopeful news, some Christian home-schooling households have apparently had enough with pseudo-science. The Atlantic reports that a growing number of these families is now requesting that the textbooks they use teach mainstream modern science, including the evolutionary model."

    We are evangelicals, and our family started homeschooling last year. We've been shocked at the popularity of young earth creationism in homeschooling circles. Has it always been so? It seems like pseduo science peddlers got a foothold in the homeschooling community while people who would have issued correctives weren't paying attention, and now it's entrenched.

    Another thought: I would distinguish between evangelicals generally and fundamentalist evangelicals specifically. It seems like fundamentalist literalism forms a dividing line (chasm? gulf?) in the evangelical movement.