Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Inner Fish Part 2, on PBS Tonight

Don't forget to watch part 2 of Your Inner Fish, on PBS tonight at 10:00.  The first episode was very good and is a great companion to the book.


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Greetings Jim;
    Yes, an entertaining show.
    Besides the ‘missing-link’ animated creatures and the typical ‘we think’ answer, one quite large detail was left out; most authorities on the Gr. Canyon will acknowledge these facts; 1st – the ‘Coconino shelf’ seen throughout the Gr. Canyon is the earth’s fossiliferous limestone layer revealing all the activities of the beginnings for marine life on earth. Above this layer, further development of life species is seen but the marked region right below this layer all life ceases to be (all life), as if life only began in a moment, although that moment being a period of time but is revealing a period of sudden appearance of all types of species. 2nd – the evidence of water that cut the Gr. Canyon was not that of the Colorado River during the Pleistocene ice age (as not having sufficient force for its size and depth) but the forces of a global deluge.

    On the subject of Gene Coding (which does actually disprove creation but contributes to it; you see isn’t that not unlike data programmers who reuse a basic code then ‘remark-out’ portions of code depending on which options they will enable. Or not unlike assembly line workers that retool the metal press by adding or removing plugs in the form again dependent on options. All that by guess work? No, not at all, it is by design that the code programmer and auto worker retools the presses which is evidence of intelligence. Or will many just bush that off saying over billions of years of random chance occurrences, one fluke pattern of jaw-born fragments found its way to forming the inner-ear (sound like, by design to me). But it was nice looking video with music.

    A modern truth: I will not say religion (as it is too broad, encompassing and frankly an incorrect application here) but theology and science are not at odds but actually in support of one another and this fact escapes many. Modern science has in fact compiled evidence that’s been stripping away at the veil of creation for some time, for it has now become translucent in revealing the finger prints much like one can identify a Da Vinci when you see one by its style and brush stroke. So to, by design in subatomic structures on to the macrocosmic matters of the cosmos, all have the same finger print. When one scientifically judges Evolution, one finds a real contradiction to science. Physics proves all matter (all inanimate matter) decomposes, deteriorates the moment after creation (apposed to animate matter, life). The core principle of Evolution is that ‘life’ came from inanimate matter which you can see is utterly impossible, a contradiction to physics itself. That is why evolutionist always begin their debate from a point after life had already began. (Cosmos - definition: the universe considered as an ordered and integrated whole… of life and matter).

    1. On the subject of Gene Coding ... you see isn’t that not unlike data programmers who reuse a basic code then ‘remark-out’ portions of code depending on which options they will enable.

      If that's the case, I have two questions. First, why would the programmer write the code to make mammalian testicles start near the heart and then descend to the scrotum, weakening the lower body wall in the process? Why not add or retool a few lines to make them just grow where they're going to end up?

      Second, aside from the theory of evolution how could Neil Shubin have known what region of the world and rock layer to look in to find the animal that contained part of the program for fish and part of the program for amphibians?

      I agree with you that theology and science aren't at odds. Science is at odds with some doctrines, and special creation is one of them.