Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ark Encounter Begins Construction

Catching up!   I have been snowed under with work and the end of the semester.  In the meantime, several things have happened.  First, it appears that, due to an influx of money, the Ark-n-Park has broken ground.  The Grant County News reports:
In an invitation only “Hammer and Peg” ceremony last week at the Creation Museum in Hebron, representatives from Answers In Genesis said bulldozers will be moving dirt on the 800-acre project off Ky. 36 in Williamstown by the end of the month.
“This is going to change the city of Williamstown,” said Ken Hamm, president, CEO and found of AIG. “By the way, this will change Northern Kentucky. All sorts of things are going to happen because of this.”

Hamm told the near capacity crowd of 900, that a poll by Vanity Fair Magazine and 60 Minutes indicates that 43 percent of the public surveyed would like to have Noah’s Ark discovered.
Wonder why it was invite only? The comment about finding Noah's Ark is a sort of throw-away line since, even if we can take the Genesis story literally, the odds of that are practically nil.

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