Friday, July 04, 2014

Ken Ham, BioLogos and Human Origins

My BioLogos series on human origins has shown up on Ken Ham's radar.  In a response, he complains that we are misleading the nation's  youth and references a post by David Menton that is a masterwork of misdirection and omission.  I am on vacation right now but will address the post in full when I get back.


  1. James Stange12:42 PM

    Congratulations on your induction into the prestigious "Ken Ham's Who's Who Christian Compromisers." your copy of "Already Compromised" is in the mail along with a carefully researched article from a real AIG PHD to help explain to you the difference between Historical and Operational Science.

    Grace to you and thanks for work you and others with Biologos do to help scientifically minded Christians reconcile Gods General and Special Revelation.

  2. Re: Ken Ham: gee, aren't I blessed. Thank you for the kind words.