Monday, July 20, 2015

Velociraptors Had Feathers

Scientific American has a story about a new dinosaur discovery in China which shows, among other things, a feathery dinosaur at 125 million years.  As one of the discoverers puts it:
Zhenyuanlong is covered in feathers. Simple hairy filaments coat much of the body, larger veined feathers stick out from the tail, and big quill-pen-feathers line the arms, layered over each other to form a wing. This is a dinosaur that looks just like a bird. If you could see it alive you would probably make no distinction between it and, say, a turkey or a vulture.

Look at
Zhenyuanlong and you see what the real Velociraptor would have been like. Far from being a scaly-skinned reptilian monster, Velociraptor would have been a fluffy, feathered poodle from hell.
Here is a picture of the fossil, accompanying the story.

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  1. And a feathery but flightless dinosaur is no more 'unbiblical' than a non-feathery one (but try telling that to the hardline YEC 'Creation-Evolution Headlines' site who have a new blog post entitled 'Feathered Velociraptor? Untangling the Spin' - which ends with propaganda in green type suggesting FRAUD (I've only skimmed it because he never lets me comment underneath anyway).