Monday, November 23, 2015

Scorecard on What YEC Sites Think of Homo naledi

Naturalis Historia posted a scorecard  on what the various opinions of Homo naledi are depending on which young earth creationist site you visit.  I have read and responded to the AiG post, which was flawed in its approach from the outset (it assumed that all australopithecines were only apes).

Hat Tip to Todd Wood at CORE.


  1. You may also have seen this one today:

    And I think your Todd Wood reference has this in mind:

  2. Yes, I am looking forward to hearing what Todd Wood thinks. He is always refreshing and worth listening to. I also appreciate that he wants to have is ideas vetted even if I am not sure he will get very good peer review where he has submitted his thoughts. Nonetheless, from his posts I think he will take a somewhat different view than any of the big 3 so far.