Sunday, February 07, 2016

Here's Irony For Ya...

A study has found that residents of South Africa, historically the hotbed of human evolutionary studies, have a poorer understanding of human evolution than their neighbors.  Jacaranda FM reports:
The study, published in the South African Journal of Science this month, used responses from visitors to the Cradle of Human Kind World Heritage Site near Johannesburg. “South Africans were less likely to accept human evolution than their international counterparts,” the article said. “The survey I did was mainly of adults who would never have learned of evolution at school,” said author of the study, Professor Anthony Lelliott from Wits University in Johannesburg. The study surveyed more than 800 visitors and assessed their understanding of human evolution and the concept of “cradle”. The article explained that 60 percent of the people who rejected evolution used a religious foundation as the reason.
I guess that in a rural setting, most of the people living in South Africa would not encounter this information or understand its true significance. Still, the entire region has been at the forefront of this research for decades, and yet most people still reject it. The hold of creationism is strong, it seems, no matter where you go.

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