Thursday, January 25, 2018

Meanwhile, Over in Scotland...

Scotland seems to be having its own experiences with young earth creationism.  From Paul Hutcheon of the Sunday Herald:
A MEDICAL doctor described as one of Europe’s most active creationists has been reappointed to sit on the education committee of South Lanarkshire council.

Dr Nagy Iskander, who has claimed that a key tenet of evolution is “really illogical”, will be allowed to vote at meetings even though he is unelected.

Gordon MacRae, Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland, said: “Parents will be disturbed that unelected and unaccountable religious representatives from fringe groups continue to take decisions on their children's education.”

Local authorities are legally required to appoint three members, representing churches, to their education committees. In practice, the three individuals have equal standing to councillors but they are not accountable to voters.

A bid by Green MSP John Finnie to scrap the system in the last parliamentary term fizzled out and unelected religious figures maintain their privileged role.
This is what happens when you elect people to an education committee who have no background or interest in science.  In order to be on the education committee, new nominees should have to pass a basic test in science.  It is pretty clear from reading the rest of the article that Mr. Iskander has absolutely no idea what evolution is.  That doesn't seem to stop him (or anyone else for that matter) from having strong opinions on it. 


  1. Dr Inskander was NOT ELECTED. The situation is far worse. He was APPOINTED by his Church, and he is there whether the voters want him or not.

    Under laws going back to 1872, every Council Education Authority in Scotland must include three representatives of the churches; one appointed by the Church of Scotland, one by the Catholic Church, and the third appointed by ill-specified procedures, which vary from Council to Council. South Lanarkshire is one of several Councils where this third position is filled by newspaper advertisement, and Dr Iskander's church, a splinter biblical literalist sect, was the only one to apply.

    1. You are right. It is far worse. Thank you for the clarification.

  2. "one of Europe’s most active creationists" - what's he making?