Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Peer-Reviewed Creationism?

Nature News has reported that Answers in Genesis has launched Answers Research Journal, a "peer-reviewed" journal on creationist research. Now, here is what they mean by "peer-reviewed":

Papers will be peer reviewed by those who “support the positions taken by the journal”, according to editor-in-chief Andrew Snelling, a geologist based in Brisbane, Australia.

If the data do not fit the facts, they must be disposed of!! The article goes on to state:

“There have been these kinds of publications in the past,” says Keith Miller, a geologist at Kansas State University in Manhattan, who follows creationism. For the most part, he says, the work is ignored by the scientific community. But those without a science background, including some policy-makers, may not be able to judge the difference in value of a paper in ARJ and a genuine science journal.

Therein lies the real problem, as we have seen in Florida.

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