Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Creation Science Series

Jeannie Fulbright has been busy writing a series called Exploring Creation with Zoology, which takes a distinctly YEC bent. The most recent book Land Animals of the Sixth Day, has been reviewed by Christian Newswire, who write this:

Released in March 2008, Christian book stores are already selling out of this well researched, scientifically profound book, which is the fifth book in Fulbright's creation science sequence. Covering all the land creatures from parasites to primates, Exploring Creation with Zoology III presents scientifically sound teaching, along with evidence for deliberate design, a biblical model for origins and explanations that expose the absurdity of evolutionary leaps of logic.

"Absurdity of evolutionary leaps of logic." Would those be anything like the leaps of logic that have the entire geologic column created in one year and settling just so that it looks like an evolutionary progression? Here are some of the reviews on Amazon. They are not kind. I couldn't find a professional review of the book.

A quick check of the content samples that are available online show that, as long as she sticks to descriptions of the animals, it is okay as far as it goes. It is her section on dinosaurs in which the wheels fall off very quickly. I cannot quote directly, but she brings up the passage in Job 40 and saunters off to the idea that dinosaurs and humans were alive at the same time—without quoting a bit of evidence to support this. Well-researched????

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