Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Creationism Still Taught in Public Schools According to Survey

Daily India has a story about the teaching of creationism in the United States. According to the story:

London, May 20: US courts might have ordered ban on teaching creationism in schools, but still one in eight high-school biology teachers teach it as valid science, according to a survey. The surveyors say that though courts have ruled that creationism and intelligent design are religion, teachers take it as a matter of discretion to decide what is to be taught.

Here's the amazing quote:

Upon being questioned about their own beliefs about creationism, about 16 per cent teachers said that they believed human beings had been created by God within the last 10,000 years.

Based on what evidence???? Aren't these science teachers? This is another reason I don't have my kids in public schools.


  1. Hi James,
    Nice Blog!

    Not sure if you are one of the "anonymous" James that have dropped in on my blog "An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution" or not. Right now I'm running a guest-post series on "Evangelicals, Evolution, and Academics" - see introduction post. First 2 posts by keith miller (author of "Perspectives on an Evolving Creatin") are now up.

  2. No, actually, I was not familiar with it. I will go there now. When I post on a blog, I always say who I am. I am not into this "anonymous" thing. Cheers.