Friday, March 13, 2009

Darwinian Censorship in Turkey

The Irish Times is reporting that apparently the ministry that oversees the science research funding in Turkey has requested that the journal Science and Technology remove the cover story on Charles Darwin. The March issue instead came out with a cover story on global warming. The story notes:

Newspapers and academics criticised the incident as meddling by the Islamic-rooted AK Party government, which passed a law last summer tightening its control of appointments to the Scientific and Technological Research Council (Tubitak).

“This incident makes it clear that Turkish science is in the hands of anachronistic brains who hold it in contempt,” Tahsin Yesildere, head of the Association for University Lecturers, said.
Harun Yahya would be happy. The amazing thing is where the source of this is:
Author of An Illusion of Harmony: Science and Religion in Islam, Taner Edis points out that creationism has been taught as part of Turkey’s biology syllabus since the 1980s, when religious conservatives took control of the ministry of education and began “translating US creationist texts into Turkish and distributing them in schools”.
And I thought the US only exported goods and services. Now it is exporting creationism.

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