Saturday, March 14, 2009

Search for Noah's Ark: The Lost Mountains of Noah

One of my friends just handed me a video that he showed in our Sunday School class last Sunday. It is called Search for Noah's Ark: The Lost Mountains of Noah and is part of the Bible Explorer's Series by the Base Institute. The film is by Bob Cornuke, who is listed on the back of the box as being a "biblical investigator and real life Indiana Jones." I have not had a chance to watch it yet, but here is a review from the Associates for Biblical Research. It is not kind. They have numerous complaints about the film and conclude their review thus:

On the sleeve of the video case it states that this video is a Dove Family Approved documentary. It is our opinion that this should not have been approved because the video is deceptive in its presentation of the facts, i.e. the map with the supposed boundaries of Urartu. In addition, it is factually inaccurate and based on a questionable eye-witness. Also, in the credits at the end of the video one of the authors of this article (Bill Crouse) is listed as an advisor. This was not authorized and he in no way wishes it to be seen as an endorsement of the material.

We have also noted how carefully at times statements are worded in the video. On the cover of the video box and the beginning of the video, they build up the fact that they are looking for Noah’s Ark. By the end of the video, they don’t claim they were looking for Noah’s Ark, but rather the Ed Davis object. One wonders if this is a very clever change in case somebody challenges the content of the video. Our opinion is that they have found neither.

If it was the motive of the producers to instill confidence among believers that the Bible is true, this sets a poor precedent, and could have the opposite result. Even worse it is a poor testimony to unbelievers.
I wonder if Cornuke asserts that the flood was universal or local. It seems to me that if he posits the location of the Ark in Iran, on Mount Suleiman, which is manifestly not in a flood plain of any kind, he must take the global route. That, of course, presents its own problems. I look forward to seeing it.

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