Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I ah believe, ahem, in uuhhh uhhh well, I believe in...

Little Green Footballs points us toward a Chris Matthews interview with Mike Pence, Republican representative from Indiana in which Matthews simply asks "do you believe in evolution?"

Pence never answers the question.

Putting aside the fact that Matthews behaves in his usual derogatory fashion and his unwarranted insults at several people in the GOP are appalling, this is going to be harped on by the MSM and, as a result, the Republican party is going to continue to be seen as an anti-science, provincial party.


  1. My old pastor posted this on Facebook. Needless to say, he had a different take on it than you.

  2. Let me guess: he firmly supports the GOP's involvement in ID.

  3. Geez, Jim, what are you, some kind of a mind-reader?

  4. aww shucks. 'Tweren't nuthin.