Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jim Henson's The Dinosaur Train

The Jim Henson Company is going to be showing The Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids. According to the PR announcement on PR Newswire:
DINOSAUR TRAIN is seen through the eyes of Buddy, a preschool-aged Tyrannosaurus Rex. Buddy and his adoptive family of Pteranodons go for adventures on the Dinosaur Train to meet all kinds of dinosaurs in different eras and learn fascinating new facts about these incredible creatures.

"Based on input from paleontologists, science educators and early childhood education experts, DINOSAUR TRAIN has developed an ambitious and creative curriculum that harnesses children's enthusiasm for and curiosity about dinosaurs, sparking children's interest in life science and natural history," states Henson. "PBS KIDS has been an incredible partner with our current series SID THE SCIENCE KID, and our new project DINOSAUR TRAIN extends our mutual vision of creating quality, educational preschool programming by encouraging even more young viewers to get excited about science and the role it plays in our lives every day."

Keep your ears on the third rail for this one. It sounds like a winner. Of course, if I show this to my kids and then they go back to school and get...well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    6 years later...nothing much to talk about. what is an evolutionary creationist anyway? those terms are incompatible. two words for cross species evolution. MISSING LINK. still missing and will never be found. because it simply does not exist! read your bible!

  2. And your evidence for this is what, exactly? And where should I read in my Bible that will tell me this?