Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Stupid Things Christians Say."

Michael Riley of MyCentralJersey.com has some amusing thoughts on the kinds of things that Christians say. Along the way, he hits of my favorite subject:
"I don't believe in evolution." How about gravity? Is gravity workin' out for you? Evolution isn't a matter of belief; it's a scientific fact, an accurate description of the way the world works. And proponents of Intelligent Design (and its ugly, red-headed stepchild, Creationism) forget that religion and science work different sides of the street and reveal different kinds of truth. Muddying the differences always leads to bad theology and scientific illiteracy.
Right on both accounts!


  1. Hey! What is he suggesting about redheads? Redheads rule!

  2. In fact, I am a lapsed redhead. My hair started to turn dark in my twenties. Now it is now mostly grey. When I was growing up, though, it was bright red.