Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Paper at BIO-Complexity

A new paper at BIO-Complexity is up. It is called "Reductive Evolution Can Prevent Populations from Taking Simple Adaptive Paths to High Fitness." It is heavily biochemical in nature and is going to take some time to digest. The paper is described by Jay Richards as a "take-home lesson." All of the authors are employed at the Biologic Institute.


  1. The editorial board of Biocomplexity is a sight to behold. The article in question shows that high frequency mutations occur more often than low frequency mutations, probably not significant enough to make it into a major (or even a mediocre) journal.

  2. It occurs that a more descriptive title for this journal would be "Biocomplexity for Biosimpletons"

  3. As Glenn Reynolds would say: "ouch."