Thursday, May 06, 2010

Stephen Meyer to Face His Critics: Update

Somehow, I linked to the wrong description of the event that I posted about yesterday. Here is the correct announcement:
Dr. Stephen Meyer has written a book that is shaking the evolutionary establishment like “Darwin’s Black Box” and “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” did in previous decades. Meyer has assembled a set of ideas based on the latest research on living cells that must be answered if traditional Darwinism is to survive. So we have assembled a powerful group of credentialed critics of Meyer’s “Intelligent Design” position to let him have it with both barrels. No hiding in dark libraries or murky laboratories - if Meyer has the goods, he needs to debate his toughest critics face to face! In addition, we will be screening some clips of the latest Illustra Media DVD titled “Darwin’s Dilemma” and providing free copies to each family who attends.
I have just heard from Steve Matheson, who will be on the panel. Steve is no friend of Signature in the Cell, Stephen Meyer's most recent book, so I suspect it will be a lively time.

BTW, the event description that I accidentally linked to takes place the following day and is called "The Cambrian Explosion: The Data Behind Darwin's Dilemma." It is hosted by "Paul Nelson, Rick Sternberg, Doug Axe, Stephen Meyer, John Bloom, and more."

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