Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rachel Evans: Evolving in Monkey Town

Rachel Evans, a new writer who grew up in Dayton, Tennessee has written a new book called Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions, in which she chronicles her life growing up in the shadow of the Scopes Trial. In an article for the Tennessean, she is quoted as saying:
"I was taught that if you don't interpret Genesis 1 and 2 literally, then you don't take the Bible seriously,'' said Evans, 29. "I held on tightly to that for a long time.''

My boss went to college in Dayton and, while not really be attuned to this area of controversy, he remembers there being a definite creationist bent. The article continues:
Evans is part of a movement of mostly Protestant writers and scientists trying to reconcile faith and science, 85 years after the trial ended. Instead of choosing sides, some prefer the middle ground of intelligent design, which claims God designed how life evolved. Tennessee gubernatorial candidates Ron Ramsey, Zach Wamp and Mike McWherter all advocate teaching intelligent design in schools.
I do not think I would characterize
the ID movement in this way. It is largely an anti-evolution movement (for example, this unfortunate piece from Cornelius Hunter) although there are some that accept some forms of evolution. On balance, however, it is reassuring that another person was able to find the narrow path of belief in God and acceptance of science.

Another book to read. Yay.

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