Friday, April 22, 2011

A Real Noah's Ark

Barefoot and Progressive points us to a Real-life Noah, Johan Huibers, who is building a lifesize Ark that, instead of sitting as a tourist attraction, will be sailed around the world. The video is in Dutch but you can figure out what is going on.

The video dates from a year ago so I am not sure if the thing is still getting built but it is quite a task, especially for one person. On the other hand, isn't that what Noah did?


  1. Loren Haas1:41 PM

    This thing is not sailing the world. It is built on top of a steel barge and the 1x pine planking would never hold up to ocean waves. It is just the product of a huckster.

  2. Scheduled to open this summer, the site says? Interesting that AiG has never mentioned the project, which makes their own seem less...novel.

    Also, i think I read somewhere that AiG believes Noah employed a number of people beyond his own family to get things done. :) Why? Because...they are the new infallible interpreters of biblical history.

  3. Too bad. I was hoping it would. It would be quite an undertaking to make this kind of thing seaworthy.

  4. Actually, the Huibers has built a scale model (1:3, I think) which has toured The Netherlands for two or three years. It had a YEC-display, including dr. Dino video's.
    I've had a very good conversation with the guy who was responsible for the display, and he was genuinely interested in my (theïstic evolution) point of view. I encouraged him to at least include a panel stating that there are Christians who do not hold a Yong Earth position. But he left the organization since.
    The new 1:1 copy is built to travel worldwide (on steel barges). So it may visit a port near you!

  5. So, is the fact that it won't travel the world except on a steel barge a commentary on how seaworthy such a vessel would have been during a world-wide flood?