Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Werner Herzog Tackles the Upper Palaeolithic

Acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog has directed a documentary on Chauvet Cave in France, where the walls are covered in artwork that dates to around 30,000 years ago. Chris Garcia, writing for the Wall Street Journal, has this to say:
Because the cave is accessible only to scientists, Mr. Herzog had to acquire special permission from the French government to film inside and had to adjust to extreme time and technical limitations, using a crew of only four.

What the veteran filmmaker, 70, discovered inside was a world of subterranean splendor, namely cave paintings in pristine condition—Ice Age menageries of rhinos, lions, mammoths, bison and cave bears, amid glistening lunar-like surfaces.
The film has been shot in 3D and will be out at the end of April in the larger cities and then other places later. The funny quote from the interview, however, is about Woody Allen:
CG: You're an extremely fast filmmaker, a lot like Woody Allen.

WH: Woody Allen is like a snail. He makes a film a year. I make two to three films a year.
Now, that's funny.

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  1. The 5/2 New Yorker has a review of the movie.