Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ark Encounter Asks Judge for Injunction

In a very short AP article, it is being reported that the Ark Encounter is asking the judge involved in the suit that it filed in February to grant an injunction so it can get the tax breaks it requested from the state that were denied recently.  Here is the crux of the story:
Answers in Genesis sued state officials last month over a lost $18 million tax incentive from the state tourism department. The state had given preapproval for the incentive but in December rejected the Christian group's application, saying the mission of the park had changed from tourist attraction to ministry.

A lawyer for Answers in Genesis says the group should be treated the same as a non-religious applicant.

The Christian group also built the Creation Museum and is currently constructing a 500-foot-long wooden ark in Kentucky to anchor the biblical park.
Still not sure how this one is going to play out. It seems that Ham's ability to characterize it as a theme park and not as a ministry hinges on how connected the project is to Answers in Genesis, which is, obviously, a ministry. The ties between the two were hidden at first but now are much more visible.  It doesn't help that the legal team filing the suit are those retained by AiG. 

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