Friday, March 13, 2015

New BioLogos Post on LD 350-1

My post on the new fossil find in the Afar Triangle is up over at BioLogos.  This is a very, very important find because it stretches our own line, Homo back some 400 thousand years earlier than previously thought and relegates all but one of the australopithecines to side branches of human history.  All of those theories that Au. sediba, or Au. garhi or Au. africanus or Kenyanthropus might be ancestral to Homo?  Gone.  As Isaac Asimov would say, they are one with the snows of yesteryear.  Comments are welcome there and here.  

BTW, Ken Ham has promised (somewhat ominously) that there will be a response over at Answers in Genesis to the description of the find by the original authors.  I will tackle that when it comes out.

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