Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Early Humans: "The Big Mac Burgers of Their Day."

Research is going on in an effort to determine what predators would have found early humans tasty. Apparently, the cast is large. According to a story in the Independent Online:

The problem, palaeontologists point out, is that at just a metre and a bit tall, our ancestors such as homo habilis were probably the Big Mac burgers of their day.

"We were cat food, we were not that special at that time. No armour, just meat on feet," said Dr Hannah O'Regan, a senior research officer in the School of Biological & Earth Sciences at John Moores University in Liverpool.

The remaining part of the article is devoted to C.K. "Bob" Brain's accumulation of evidence that Leopards were largely responsible for the hominid remains strewn about the landscape. An interesting read.

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