Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin and Creationism

Tom Kizzia of the Anchorage Daily News has an article on Sarah Palin and her support for creationism. He writes:

Palin was answering a question from the moderator near the conclusion of Wednesday night's televised debate on KAKM Channel 7 when she said, "Teach both. You know, don't be afraid of information. Healthy debate is so important, and it's so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both."

This sounds ominous, but wait, is it as bad as it sounds?

In an interview Thursday, Palin said she meant only to say that discussion of alternative views should be allowed to arise in Alaska classrooms:

"I don't think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn't have to be part of the curriculum."

She added that, if elected, she would not push the state Board of Education to add such creation-based alternatives to the state's required curriculum.

Whew. There is a lot to like about Ms. Palin. It would be a shame to see her end up on that side of the aisle. I think McCain has made a good choice. We shall see.

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