Saturday, August 16, 2008

Glen Kuban on the Alvis Delk Footprint

Glen Kuban, the man responsible for demonstrating conclusively that the Paluxy River Tracks purporting to be of humans and dinosaurs in the same stratum were really those of a three-toed dinosaur wrote and offered his own critique of the Alvis Delk Print here. His article is a good read and very thorough (for what he calls a prelimary critique). He concludes thus:

The Alvis Delk Print is not a convincing human footprint in ancient rock. Its advocates have failed to present the necessary data and details to adequately support their bold assertions. Even putting aside the extensive independent evidence that humans did not exist until long after the Cretaceous Period, the collective weight of several lines of evidence, including the uncertain circumstances of the discovery, lack of in situ documentation, knowledge that similar tracks have been carved in the Glen Rose area, and serious morphological abnormalities in the prints, point to the strong likelihood that both the "human footprint" and dinosaur track on this loose slab were carved or heavily altered from less distinct depressions.

As he points out, it wouldn't be the first time. Read the whole thing.

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