Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Is it Right to Ask Questions About Evolution?"

Ken Mercer asks this question in the San Antonio Express-News. Mercer is an "elected member of the State Board of Education" in Texas. He asks:

Is evolution a fact? Most people of faith agree with what is commonly referred to as “micro” evolution,” small changes that are clearly visible. We see this in new vaccines and new strains of flu. You can witness evidence of microevolution downtown in any city via the thousands of varieties of stray dogs and cats.

The controversial “macro” evolution was commonly understood as those major changes that could occur if one species jumped to another. For example, have you ever seen a dog-cat, or a cat-rat? The most famous example of macroevolution is the Darwinian “man from an ancestral primate.”

Realizing the weakness in macroevolution, Darwinists changed the meaning. Whatever their new definition, where is the evidence for one species changing to another?

Here was my comment to the article: "Well, Ken, here's the problem. Macroevolution is only controversial to those not familiar with evolutionary theory. Nowhere does is postulate a "dog-cat" or "cat-rat." Those sorts of things only spring from the mind of creationism. Dogs clearly show a close relationship to wolves and evidence exists to show that they came from a common ancestor. Microevolutionary changes lead to macroevolutionary changes. The discovery of Hox genes which control entire regulatory complexes shows that large-scale changes can occur in short periods of time. This is evolution at work. Evolutionary biologists haven't changed the meaning of macroevolution. It has always meant change at the species level. Creationists don't ever seem to get this one right. There is a huge amount of evidence for transitional forms. Go to the local bookstore and pick up Donald Prothero's Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters for this evidence. "

Hopefully not too snooty. I am just getting tired of the same tired arguments put forth by people who won't get off their butts to see if they are actually correct, especially since they are school board members who ought to know better.

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