Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Review of Evolutionary Creation

Gordon Glover over at Beyond the Firmament has written a review of Dennis Lamoureux's new book Evolutionary Creation. Here is some of what he has to say:

I don’t typically do a lot of book reviews or make many book recommendations, but I just finished Dennis Lamoureux’s Evolutionary Creation and I feel compelled to promote it to my readership. In fact, the whole time I was reading EC, I felt as though I were reading an expanded scholarly edition of Beyond the Firmament. While I make no apologies for the conversational, non-academic, non-scholarly tone of BTF, many advanced readers will prefer something more meaty; something that dives much deeper into some the theological and hermeneutical implications that I could only barely familiarize my readers with; something like Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution by Dennis Lamoureux.

Glowing words indeed. Go grab it. I intend to. Go get Gordon's book too.

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