Thursday, January 08, 2009

Incredibly Off-Topic: Something New from Todd!!

I have been a Todd Rundgren fan for 35 years and he now has a new album out and an interview on CNN. From the interview:

"The thing that makes it different -- the thing that makes it interesting every once in a while -- is when someone comes along and you think that they're not simply using this as a marketing tool for themselves," he continued. "You see them, and obviously music is the thing that redeems them. ... That to me is what makes music exciting, is when suddenly you see someone and you realize they were meant for music."

And Rundgren? He's still meant for music, too. He's preparing to produce a new New York Dolls album, 36 years after he produced the group's debut. There's also talk he'll perform his 1973 album "A Wizard, A True Star" live. It's a full schedule doing something he loves, even if there's virtually no chance he'll be topping the charts.

I would pay to see that. His new album is called Arena. Time to go to the local "record" store.

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