Monday, January 05, 2009

Kenneth Miller on Smoke and Mirrors and the DI, Part III

Kenneth Miller's last post on the Loom deals with why the Discovery Institute has not let the Dover decision go and moved on. Here is his rationale:

If ID surrogates in Louisiana, Texas, and other states are to argue that evolution is a controversial idea with serious scientific flaws, they’ve got a problem. They know that the parents and educators backing genuine science education for American students will pick up the Dover decision and cite chapter and verse from its ringing indictment of everything that Casey and the Discover Institute stand for. They also know that state legislators and school board members will consider the legal troubles that beset Dover and decide to pass on Discovery’s persistent offers to guide them along the path of undermining evolution. In short, if Kitzmiller v. Dover stands, they’re done for.

Methinks he is premature. These people have resilience, as the "academic freedom" bills have shown. They will continue to argue their case in one venue or another. The rest of the piece is primarily recap but worth a read.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

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