Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Evolving Creation

A few days ago, I posted the link to a video on evolution by Jeremy Mohn that is hosted by Stand Up 4 Real Science. Here is a link for Jeremy's home page, An Evolving Creation. Like the author of this blog, Jeremy is a Christian. He is also a biology teacher. He writes this on his About page:
God, the Creator of all things, knows the intimate details of Creation inside and out. We humans can only hope to attain even the tiniest level of understanding in comparison to God. Yet, I believe it is not God's desire that we intentionally ignore the details we do uncover simply because they seem to go against our traditional notions of the divine nature. Indeed, God is bigger than any human conception could ever be. Instead, I believe we should follow the details wherever they lead us, knowing that God will never disappear, even when the knowledge we gain forces us to rearrange the theological furniture in our heads.
As I mentioned in the post on his videos, they are very good tools to use for learning how evolution works. Another Christian who understands the evidence for evolution. Thank you Jeremy.

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  1. You're welcome, James.

    And thank you for your blog. I've been following it in my RSS reader for a few weeks now. I appreciate reading your perspective on the Creation/Evolution controversy.

    Those of us Christians who accept evolution can really make a difference by speaking out in support of sound science education. I really believe that the overwhelming evidence of evolution speaks for itself. We just need to make sure it gets a fair hearing.