Monday, April 20, 2009

Joint Reasons To Believe/American Scientific Affiliation Meeting

There will be a joint Reasons To Believe/ASA meeting on May 12, in Lexington, MA. Here is the abstract from Dr. Randy Isaacs:
If science and Christian faith are in ultimate harmony, why is there so much conflict today in our school boards, churches, classrooms, and courtrooms? The metaphor of war has been used since the late 19th century to describe the severity of the conflict. The real war is not between science and Christianity but between different religious perspectives, with science as the weapon of choice. Evolutionism, creationism, and the Intelligent Design movement are some of the participants in this religious war between metaphysical naturalism and theism. By examining the motivation behind these movements, we can derive a better understanding of the relationship between science and our Christian faith. Science and religion must be presented in the proper perspective in our educational system.
I wish I had the time and money. I would certainly go to this, especially for the possibility of listening to what RTB finds objectionable about evolution. It will be a rockin' time. Hopefully, there will be a meeting summary produced.

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