Thursday, April 30, 2009

God Outside the Gaps

Andrew Brown of the Guardian has a profile of Kenneth Miller called God Outside the Gaps. He writes:
It turns out that Miller has exactly the opposite view of God to that of the Intelligent Designers; and, in fact, of many scientific atheists. For them, God is an explanation for what science cannot explain, and so the more that scientific knowledge grows, the less room or need there is for belief in God. For Miller, the evidence of design and of creation is not to be found in the things that science can't explain, but in the fact that there are regularities and patterns in the world, whose discovery means that science can explain things, and can hope to explain much more. In this view, each fresh scientific discovery becomes further evidence of design, and of the essential meaningfulness or comprehensibility of the universe.
Miller walks a fine line between throwing intelligent design out the front door and then opening the back door a crack to let some version of it in. Maybe that is what all of us theistic evolutionists do when it comes right down to it. How do you conclude the the universe was "created," and yet that it doesn't necessarily show overt signs of it?

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