Friday, July 10, 2009

More on the Differences Between Scientists and Non-Scientists

Dan Vergano of USA Today has a story on how the public perceives science and how scientists perceive themselves. For example:
•Evolution. 32% of the public and 87% of scientists agree that people have evolved.

•Animal research. 52% of the public and 93% of scientists support drug testing or other experiments on animals.

•Nuclear power. 51% of the public and 70% of scientists support nuclear power development.
As the story notes, this is not surprising. I think this largely reflects science's understanding of the hows and whys and the limits of these topics, as opposed to the general public's understanding. I have been told that, here at the lab, support for nuclear power is much higher than it is out in either the cities of Oak Ridge or Knoxville. What I also find interesting is the huge drop-off with regard to evolution. This is probably due to the efforts of YEC and ID groups to promote the anti-elvislutionary, er anti-evolutionary message.


  1. "anti-elvislutionary"??? Aaaargh! :)

  2. "Who Built the pyramids?"
    "Who Built Stonehenge?"